Weekly Planners: January 2014

I don’t know about you, but I’m extremely excited about 2014. I think that it’s going to be a huge year, and with everything that I’ve learned I’m more than ready to work hard, have fun and open myself up to possibility.

2013 was a great year, and after reviewing the year and all that I managed to accomplish, I’m ready to let it go and move forward.

Main Accomplishments for January:

  • Attended 4 Auditions
  • Completed Insanity (the 60-day workout program)
  • Completed my official christinebissonnette.com website
  • Reached 200 followers on this blog
  • Attended workshop on improving the SEO of this blog
  • Spent a day at Cypress Mountain skiing with Greg
  • Wrote my 3rd article for Cella Magazine
  • Had an EXCELLENT second session with Ben Ratner’s Scene Study

What are your goals for the month?

Underneath each link to my weekly planner, I’m including a quick breakdown of what I managed to accomplish that week. I recommend doing something like this yourself so that you can actively track the progress you make towards your goals. Here’s a weekly planner template that I’ve created just for you.

December 29-January 4th

  • Finished week 7 of Insanity
  • Started work on my christinebissonnette.com website (and purchased the domain name)
  • This blog received over 1000 (1,161 actual number) hits in one week. This was a record for me.
  • Submitted an article for publication to MyYogaOnline.com
  • Greg finished editing together my demo for submitting to agencies.
  • Finished reading Letter’s Home by Sylvia Plath (a fascinating study).
  • Came up with an outline for my one-act play (I’m SUPER excited about this)
  • Met with my scene partner twice in preparation for Ben Ratner’s Scene study class. Also got off book for this.

January 5th-11th

  • I watched a webinar titled “Secrets to the Casting Process”
  • Sent out 1 submission for representation
  • This blog received 1,129 views
  • Wrote 3 blog posts for this blog
  • Finished getting my christinebissonnette.com website together
  • Met with my scene study partner twice more before our Wednesday class
  • Had an extremely successful first class with Ben Ratner (scene study)
  • meditated 5 out of 7 days
  • One day away from finishing Insanity and… I got a severe muscle spasm and was instructed by a doctor to stop workout out. Want to finish this last day off as soon as I’m better.

January 12th-18th: Unfortunately, life got a little bit crazy this week, so I wasn’t able to complete my weekly planner. Regardless, here is what I accomplished:

  • Fit in 3 excellent rehearsals for scene study where we choreographed the fight and did some character studies by walking around downtown
  • Had an awesome second class with Ben Ratner’s scene study class
  • Wrote a second draft for my last article for cella magazine
  • Had an excellent interview with Lucas Mattiello for my third article for cella magazine.
  • Attended an 8 hour workshop on SEO and improving this blog
  • Created a new vision board for the year
  • Spent an entire day at Cypress mountain skiing with Greg
  • Sent out 3 submissions for agencies. Got 2 out 4 back as “not interested.”
  • Due to a muscle spasm, I have still been unable to finish the last day of insanity. This spasm lasted all week, but funny enough, after skiing it got worst and then immediately better. I think that maybe I tired it out. Now all I have is a sore neck and a small pulled muscle on the back of my left knee. I’m giving myself Sunday to heal a little bit more, and then will be repeating the final week of Insanity again next week. If I can do better on my final fit test than I did on my third, I will be crossing Insanity off my 2014 goals, and moving on to the half marathon.

January 19-25th 

  • completed the final week of insanity (minus the fit test which I will be completing on Monday)!
  • Attended 3 formal auditions, and was cast in a role by an informal audition by Greg (my partner).
  • Had another excellent class with Ben Ratner, and am feeling extremely driven to figure out the physicality for Theresa, so that I can walk into this coming Wednesday’s class with something entirely different.
  • Again, we fit in 3 rehearsals this week.
  • Did some work on restructuring my blog. Changed a bunch of things. I’m very excited with the direction that it’s headed.
  • Finished reading “Marilyn: The Passion and the Paradox.” An excellent biography.
  • Wrote 3 blog posts for this site.
  • Transcribed my interview for Cella and figured out an outline.
  • meditated 7 out of 7 days.
  • Major breakthrough in my voice work.
  • Additional income:
  • Made $160 from Cella Magazine for an article that I wrote for them.

January 26th-February 1st

  • Attended an excellent play – Lucky Girl
  • Finally saw Wolf of Wall Street
  • Wrote 2 blog posts
  • Had a beyond excellent class with Ben Ratner
  • Finished my final fit test with Insanity
  • Completed final draft for cella article.
  • Was actually really quite sick for most of this week, so wasn’t as productive. But I did take two days to do absolutely nothing, which perhaps I needed.


I’ve also created some goals for the year: My Goals for 2014

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