Talking About Acting, Success, and “The Rules” at Monday Night Live

I just came back from East of Main’s Monday Night Live event and had a fantastic time listening to some inspiring stories from the three panelists Lauren Lee Smith (The Listener, CSI, The L Word), Kristine Cofsky (Almost Human) and  Teach Grant (Arctic Air, Almost Human). The person whose story most stood out to me was Kristine’s. Lucky for me, the “similarities” … Continue reading


Actor’s Roundtable 2013: “You got to know your sh*t, and then let it go.”

I’ve always wanted to be an actor, but I am ashamed to admit that it is only within the last year that I have become genuinely interested in studying the history of the craft. It is only recently that I’ve started reading actor autobiographies, and started watching interviews and started watching movies. It’s only recently … Continue reading

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Understanding your essence, and how to avoid being the invisible dancer

What is your essence? First impressions are so important, especially in the casting room. One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced so far as an actor is allowing the process of ‘play’ to be effortless. Learning who I am. Learning what my voice sounds like (both literally and figuratively – in the actual voice work … Continue reading

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“The Female Voice in the Film Industry” – a Recap and Reflection

On Wednesday, May 22nd I attended a fabulous event titled: “Female Voice in the Film Industry,” which featured  a panel including 5 of Vancouver’s most intelligent, driven, and talented women. The panel consisted of: Candice Elzinga – Major casting director for film and TV in Vancouver. Since 1997 she has cast well-over 200 projects. A beacon of positivity, … Continue reading