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Staff Blogger and Contributor –

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How to Tune into Your Intuition and Finally Get Unstuck

More Core Please: An Unexpected Lesson – Staff blog post

Vancouver Healthy Living Examiner –

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I get paid from this site based on the amount of people who read my article, so take a peek and you can help me out a little bit. Also, I think I’ve written some pretty good articles about some topics related to healthy living in Vancouver:

SoLo Gi Bars are a Hit at the ‘Health, Sport, & Lifestyle Expo’ in Vancouver 

This article looks at a new energy bar (made in Canada) that I am absolutely crazy about). I had an opportunity to speak to the CEO of this excellent company.

BC-based holistic company generously offers a free 10-day cleanse

3 nutrition myths that are severely impeding your post-workout recovery

The 4 running techniques most commonly overlooked by beginners

A runner’s advice on training yourself to be mentally tough

Study proves that yoga is better for you than most traditional forms of cardio

The 4 Worst Habits for Vocal Health

Health and Wellness Columnist (An Apple a Day) –

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This was my first paid writing job.

Pain and the Fear of Healing

I had an opportunity to interview physiotherapist Maria Baljak about what she’s learned so far in her practice.

Reprogramming Your Habits

We are what we do, but there is a way to manipulate the way in which habits are formed.


I walked around the streets of Vancouver, talking to people about what makes them stressed.

Respect for Running

I sat down with 2 athletes to talk about why running is the sport with the most amount of injuries.

Willpower: a 6 Billion Dollar Industry

Exploring the weight-loss industry, and why it’s so successful.

Student Life Blogger –

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My very first writing job. It was volunteer-based, but I got a lot from the experience. These articles are meant for students, and detail ways that you can make the most out of your university experience.

Need a Study Strategy?

Save Money by Packing a Lunch

Creating a Budget

How to Motivate Yourself

How to Cram

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