E-Squared: Thoughts Create Your Reality (The Experiments)

Finding Your Hat on Your Head, and Other Stories Worthy of a Face Palm

Have you ever found your sunglasses on your head? Or your keys in your pocket?

In the second experiment in Pam Grout’s book E-Squared: 9 Energy Experiments for Proving your Thoughts Create Your Reality, she talks about a friend of hers who observed a woman freaking out because the bus was late, when in reality it had passed her several times. Pam explains that the woman was putting out such a negative energy that seeing the bus was actually impossible for. She’d already made up her mind to not see it.

I thought that this was a little bit far-fetched… until it happened to me, twice… in one week.

Exhibit A: The Invisible Building

I’m terrible at directions. And whenever I have trouble finding something, I’m slightly notorious for falling into a bit of a rage. Well, on this occasion I was on my way to a blogging meetup that was in a somewhat obscure location. The anger and aggravation started when I realized that the location wasn’t actually where my iphone had dropped the pin. I started walking, steam coming out the top of my head, looking for the location. I doubled back twice before finally stopping. I reminded myself to breathe. I needed to calm down (my aggravation wasn’t helped by the fact that I really needed to use the washroom).

So I stopped, closed my eyes, breathed and (no joke) I turned to my left and the building was immediately in front of me. I had actually passed it three times without seeing it.

Exhibit B: The Vanishing Keys

My boyfriend had made some comment that had made me slightly annoyed right before I was about to leave for a run (in retrospect I over-reacted and he was right). The last thing I had to do before leaving was grab my keys for the apartment… but I couldn’t find them. They weren’t where I had left them. I scoured the apartment for about 15 minutes, getting more and more annoyed, without any luck. Five minutes into my search Greg had already suggested I just take the spare keys, but I was adamant that I had to find MY keys. Ten minutes later I gave up and took the spares.

I was about 20 minutes into my run when I heard a clanking sound in my sports bra. “Oh shit” I thought to myself. I reached into my sorry excuse for cleavage, and there they were. My keys. When I go for a run, I always put my keys in my sports bra, and I had done this unconsciously. Weirdly, when Greg had given me the spares, I had decided that a better place to put them was behind the iphone case I strap to my arm.

So, what does this mean? It means that perhaps Pam’s story isn’t so far-fetched. It also makes me wonder…

If bad energy can make me miss an entire building, and keys that are actually touching my skin, what else could bad energy be causing me to miss? What opportunities could we be missing in our lives because of a low vibration. Or because we’re “feeling moody.”

The Happiness Advantage

In his book The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor shares a study from the University of Toronto that proved that “our mood can actually change how our visual cortex – the part of our brain responsible for sight – processes information.”  The thesis, which Shawn Achor proves in this book, is that happiness precedes success, not the other way around.

Something to think about.

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